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Using soapnuts for your laundry is easy!

Just put 6-8 half shells or equivalent in pieces into a muslin sack (or knotted sock) place in your washing machine, wash on your usual cycle L

If you want your laundry fragranced add a few drops of essential oil in the softener drawer or apply directly to your soapnut sack.

Your laundry will come out fresh, clean and soft

You can do 4-6 consecutive loads from one lot of soapnuts!

When the soapnuts are exhausted they will appear darker and soft, throw them on your compost pile and put some more into the bag for your next wash.

Use your soapnut shells in the dishwasher!

Just put 3 shells in the bottom of the cutlery holder and some vinegar in the rinse aid dispenser and your glasses and plates will come out sparkling clean (not recommended with baked on food, i.e casserole dishes.)


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